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13 May 2013

Hi Liz

Lyon Shearing has been using the SS and IMS programme for the past 2 years, and we are more than happy with what it does for us.

We find the reporting side of things very good, and any customisations we felt we needed to suit our business specifically have been undertaken. The support is excellent, and although I have not met Liz face to face yet, I feel like I know her quite well just with the phone conversations we have had.

Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending this payroll programme.


Elsie Lyon



16 April 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Discovering Shear Simplicity is one of the best moves we made when establishing our shearing contracting business. It is brilliant to have a user-friendly payroll system that was tailored for the shearing industry, rather than trying to adapt our wages to a generic payroll programme.

Shear Simplicity is thorough, precise and covers all aspects. Combine this with the excellent training and ongoing support you receive from Liz & Venita and you soon discover you’ve made a good choice. The peace of mind we have knowing our wages are taken care of is priceless and that’s why we have no absolutely hesitation in recommending Shear Simplicity.

Melleny Houpapa & Pakau Barrett




29 April 2009

Poverty Bay Shearing Ltd has now used the Shear Simplicity since July 2007. It has made the input and checking of the timesheets quicker and user friendly. The Shearing workers are very pleased with the ease that they are able to understand their Payslip printouts.

With Poverty Bay Shearing Ltd being a large business, I personally as the Payroll Administrator have found that the change to the Shear Simplicity has provided me with a simpler and more functional programme and has saved me many hours of work with the old system we had. I would not hesitate to recommend this Payroll system to any other Shearing Contractor who wishes to have an efficient, reliable and time saving programme. Also the support I have received from Liz and staff at Payroll Plus has been great. They have been able to answer my questions very promptly and been both curtious and helpful.

Thank you for all your support.

Rosanne Nisbett

Payroll Administrator

Poverty Bay Shearing Ltd



31 August 2009

I have been using Shear Simplicity and IMS Payroll Partner for the past 3 years.

After having an altercation with my previous program on one of the busiest pay days of the year (10th of December) Liz rushed straight down and we had things up and running that day so wages were paid on time. I find it a very easy and efficient system to use and easy to fix any cock ups you may make along the way.

Dealing with Liz has been a pleasure and the service and back up support you get is outstanding. In my words this system is “Bloody Topps”.

Good on ya Liz.




1 October 2009 

IMS and Shear Simplicity Software

Mackintosh Shearing has used IMS Software with the Shear Simplicity interface since October 2006.  We regard these products as a fantastic software solution for payroll processing in the shearing industry.

Mackintosh Shearing uses Shear Simplicity software to capture the shearing job information and release invoices to clients.  IMS software interfaces with Shear Simplicity and also collects payroll data about Base employees who are on hourly rates or salaries.  IMS also monitors leave entitlements and collates information about draws, shop, rent, training costs, etc.  The payroll is finalised each week in IMS and released to the bank.  All IRD reporting is done from IMS.    

Both software packages are robust and reliable.  The data entry in Shear Simplicity is quick, intuitive and straightforward.  Exporting data from Shear Simplicity and importing to IMS is simple and user friendly.  The IMS software does require thought and care in the set up of new employees, but once operational, it is efficient and the reporting is extensive.

Shear Simplicity has excellent reports which we use to review data entry for punching and logic errors and for monitoring labour cost and performance by invoice and by client.  We extract and analyse information from Shear Simplicity to provide feedback to management.  IMS Software provides good reports to meet the information requirements of government agencies. 

Mackintosh Shearing has maintained a payroll support contract with Liz from Payroll Plus.  Liz is always available to answer questions about set up, reporting, or how to do something unusual.  She is helpful, fun and friendly - a fantastic member of our extended team.  We really appreciate Liz's willingness to assist when we are under time pressures and request help outside of her regular work hours.  Liz has a very strong knowledge of payroll related legislation and its application to the shearing industry.   

From time to time Liz visits our office and reviews our payroll processing.  She recommends improvements and advises us on upcoming changes.  Payroll Plus also provides excellent training seminars to explain software upgrades and changes to tax legislation, rates and procedures.

Shear Simplicity is supported by Bryn who developed the software.  Bryn has listened to suggestions from us for improvements and worked with us to optimise the performance of Shear Simplicity in our office. 

Shear Simplicity coupled with IMS Payroll software has saved us time and money and improved the efficiency and accuracy of Mackintosh Shearing's payroll function.  We are delighted to recommend the software and Liz and Bryn's advice and support.   

Yours sincerely

Mackintosh Shearing Limited

Marion Francis - Accountant



7 September 2012

Hi Liz

We have had a bit of trouble with the accountant coming to grips with our industry!! We just wanted to let you know how great the system is. Being able to export and work in excel with a years worth of staff deductions has been invaluable.

So glad we found you!

Danette and Janet



23 May 2013

Shear simplicity is an excellent programme . Very user friendly and the best part about it is that it is designed for the shearing industry. Support is only a phone call away and Liz is very patient at teaching you the programme and getting you set up! I would recommend it to any shearing contractor.

Bill and Sharon Hillis